Here's What Our Customers Are Saying Abut V.I.P. Pool Services

Hi Charlie and Ryan - I'm writing to tell you how thrilled I am with my new winter cover. I purchased a new Raynor Heavy Duty Winter cover from you last fall.

Charlie promised me the water would be clear in the spring.

Well, today is proof positive - Charlie and Billy opened my pool, removed the cover and for the first time in 15 years - the water is crystal clear.

The New cover should get the credit for this! My pool water usually looks like Caesar's Creek and takes weeks to clear up and now tose days are over thanks to my new Raynor winter cover.

I have never been so happy for spring opening. The water is amazing.



Sena R


Dear V.I.P. Pool Services,

Calling you was the best decision I made this year! Before VIP helped our family, our pool was a slimy mud hole that wasn't safe to swim. After coming to the rescue, VIP Pool Services transformed our pool into a safe and luscious paradise our entire family can now enjoy. In truth, the other company I hired before coming to you literally left us high and dry. They didn't provide the pool services our family needed, they over-charged us, and they didn't care. Now that we've found VIP Pool Services, our family will never contact or hire those other guys ever again.

Prospective VIP Pool Services customers may ask "what happened?" Well, the "Before - VIP and After - VIP" photos I've attached to this letter illustrate the truth far better than my words ever will but the bottom-line is this: VIP Pool Services care for their customers and they care about their customer's pools! The results are crystal clear! Thank you VIP Pool Services!

Sincerely, Jeff C

Centerville, Ohio




You just closed our pool for the season, so we wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your getting our pool into shape last May. When we first called you after dealing with two other pool companies and a pool supply house we were about ready to fill the pool with cement. You and your staff cleared up the pool and led us through the self maintenance program.

Our pool stayed in perfect chemical balance all summer with little or no chemical help other than the summer chemical kit you provided, which was only used sparingly. Anyone could maintain this pool once you got it into balance. Thanks again for a super pool season.

Best regards Bob & Freda M.


Dear Ryan:

Just wanted to tell you how much we're enjoying our nice warm pool after you installed our new Raypak 336 Digital Electronic Heater! It's GREAT!! I love how we just set it and forget it...and that digital readout is something else. WOW, Ryan you were right on the money with what we needed and you installed it the next day. No body else in Dayton does it better. V.I.P. Pool Service is the best!

Thank you, Lois H.



Thanks for getting our new Garden Leisure Spa installed so quickly. We love it!

Bill & Mary G.


Hi Ryan:

My memorial day bash was a success, thanks to you and your guys who painted the pool. The pool and how great it looked was the talk of the party. People wanted to know what we did and who did it. I think I've got 6 people interested in a pool painting for you. The old pump started making a little noise on Monday. Can you get one in for me this week? It's a Hayward 1 HP Superpump. Put it on my Mastercard.

Thank you, Dr. Barry W.


Dear Ryan,

Thanks for making our pool look new again. The new Aqualiner vinyl liner with Cyprus pattern was a tremendous recommendation. It is absolutely gorgeous! Jim really liked the fact that we allowed to upgrade to the 28 mil. at the same price as the 20 mil. and it fits like a glove. Your guys really know what they're doing. The other company said we would have to wait 3 months to get on their schedule to install a new liner and you had it done in 2 weeks. Needless to say we are really pleased with V.I.P. Pool Service. Our next pool project is the automatic pool cover so I can keep this liner looking new. I understand you have financing too. Thanks for the water sample bottle so I can bring in my water once a week for testing. I want to protect my new liner. Ryan, please give me a call and I'll see you next week!

Thanks again, Pam B.


Dr. Ryan,

Thank you for getting the guys out to do the weekly service a day early. The pool & spa have never looked better. You guys really are the Pool Doctors.

Steve D.



Betty told me to let you know what a good job your technicians did on opening the pool. It's the best our pool has looked at opening. I'am really glad we received your V.I.P. Newsletter & Flyer in the mail or I wouldn't have known about V.I.P. You treated us like we've been your customer for years. BXXX Pools always left us with a green pool to deal with every spring. Your techincian made sure the pool was clean & clear and ready to swim. Your slogan "Just Swim" is right. Also, I need a summer's worth of maintenance chemicals for my pool (about 32,000 gal.) I understand you have free chemical delivery. That's great because I almost ruined the trunk on my new car last year lugging chlorine around. Bring them next Monday or Tuesday if possible. Just put them in the garage. Just put it on my American Express card which you have on file.

Thanks, Joe & Betty M.


Dear Ryan:

Thanks for telling me about the Automatic Pool Cover. We feel safe about the pool and the kids for the first time since we moved here. It looks fantastic! I love the touch pad control and how know one else can open the cover except us. We've been thinking about it for 2 years and we finally decided to go for it. I'am really looking forward to saving 60-80% on my heating, chemicals and maintenance costs. I figured it will pay for itself in 3 years. Pretty good investment I'd say. What's most amazing is that you had it installed in 3 days from the day we ordered it. "Complete Expert Service - Fast" is true. Thanks again Ryan.

Jim & Mary M.


Dear Ryan,

Love my new Raypak Heat Pump. I couldn't believe you had it installed the next day. Looks like I'am going to save over $250 a month on my gas bill to heat the pool. This thing will pay for itself in 3 seasons. Neat, I love saving money and the best part is that I ge t to swim in a warm pool this year (88 degrees or higher). I am SO HAPPY!

Shirley C. Dear



Just a note to thank you for letting me know about the Aquarite Electronic Chlorine Generator. I didn't realize how making my own chlorine could be so easy. I love that I never have to buy chlorine again. I've ruined alot of clothes with that sloppy stuff. My pool looks absolulety clean, clear and beautiful. We were always fighting to keep a good chlorine level, but it seemed like a losing battle with all the rain and hot weather. I love how I can super-chlorinate when I want to. Your technicians were great. All of your customers should have one of these!

Thank you, Bill S.


Dear V.I.P. Pool Services, Inc.:

I would like to take this time to say "Thank you" for the wonderful job your company did restoring my in ground pool. I am so pleased with the work that was done! The work was done quickly but yet VERY professionally. the price was unbelieveable for the LARGE amount of work that had to be done to make my "hole in the yard", once again a beautiful place to relax.

I have nothing but praise for your V.I.P. Pool Technicians who completed the work on my pool and for their knowledge and attention to detail and all around complete service. They took the time to explain each and every step they were doing and explained all problems the encountered while restoring my pool in detail. I recommend them highly for ANY pool service needed. Again, they are TOPS!

Thank you again for my "backyard paradise". Lois B.


Dear Chuck:

Thank you for getting my new heater in so quickly and for recommending a larger BTU Heater for my pool when the old one died. As I mentioned, we like to rapid heat the pool for our parities and family get togethers. It has already saved us a ton of money in propane by heating it up faster. Also we want you to install the Automatic Pool Cover after Memorial Day. Julie wants the #2 Royal Blue Cover. Please put the deposit on our Visa Card. I am looking forward to using my new auto cover.

Thanks again, Brad & Julie Z.


Dear V.I.P:

Wow, the new vinyl liner really made my pool look new again. We are extremely pleased. It's fun to just sit on the patio at night and watch the colorlogic LED pool light illuminate the pool. What a treat after a hard day at work to relax and enjoy our back yard. We love it!

Will & Sharon M.